2019 Programs

The GFAFellowship

How to Apply

Govern for America imagines a world where our most dynamic young leaders see government as an avenue for meaningful change, and our state governments reflect the values and diversity of our nation. We are making this vision a reality through the Govern for America Fellowship, a two-year, paid fellowship that brings America’s most dynamic, passionate, and diverse future change-makers together to make their impact in state government. We are excited that you have taken the first step to become a Govern for America Fellow!

The Selection Process

  • Applications

    Applications reviewed starting Nov.27

  • Interview 1

    First-round GFA interviews

  • Interview 2

    Second round GFA interviews

  • State Gov Interview

    Candidates interview with State Governments

  • Offers

    Offers are extended to candidates

About the Fellowship

As a Govern for America Fellow, you will have the opportunity to work with senior leaders and decision makers to make and move policy, use your subject matter knowledge and skills to improve your state and country, and accelerate your career in any number of directions. Throughout your time as a Fellow, you will develop the analytical, communication, and leadership skills that will help you achieve your full potential, no matter what career path you eventually choose. You will be continually challenged and encouraged by your constituents, your team members, and your cohort. Along the way, you’ll have access to mentoring, coaching, and training opportunities to accelerate your development of new skills and capabilities.

Due to the nature of state roles and talent needs, Govern for America Fellows are strongly encouraged to be flexible in regards to the location of their placement. Fellow applicants who are open to working in a variety of states will have an advantage in the placement process.

Important Dates

  • Nov 30 - First Round Applications Due
  • Late Dec - Interview 1 Selection Notification
  • Jan - First-Round Interviews
  • Feb 8 - Interview 2 Selection Notification
  • Feb 15 - Letters of Recommendation Due
  • Feb-March  - Task/Second Round Interview
  • March - Government Matching
  • Mar/April - Offers Made